Tag: deceased


  • Bahamut

    While the dragon god has been dead for the better part of a decade, his church has not entirely died out. The Dragonborn still serve in his name, hunting the Eladrin that caused his death, and his various clerics are still finding themselves imbued with …

  • Sir Grom of House Rrargh

    Grom was an outcast among outcasts. Born during the rebuilding years, in 21 BD, Grom was born into a family of lesser nobility and quickly established that he was a prodigy, mastering the traditional Hobgoblin Qop'la (an instrument similar to the sitar, …

  • The Sickle

    Grimskull was an ordinary Death Knight, having been cursed in unlife to fight forever, waging a pointless war across the Shadowfell until he took as the spoils of war from one of his conquests the Golden Sickle. This intelligent, holy weapon impressed its …

  • Phacunum

    Phacunum loves his defiled church that he spends his time in, using his army of crawling claw minions to endlessly categorize and refile his collection of ancient tomes and history books.