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    In many Post-Apocalyptic settings the state of the world is a result of nuclear disaster. Often this is the result of an arms race between two superpowers. Two nations don’t trust each other and they build better and better weapons to use on their …

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    h1. [[history | History of Kaverus]] h1. Races of Kaverus [[Dwarves]]
    h1. Deities of …

  • Before the Cataclysm

    Most citizens of [[Kaverus]] spend very little time pondering the past, largely due to how dangerous the present world has become. Some members of the longer lived races, such as the [[elves]] remember it in detail though. There are also the few …

  • Kaverus

    Kaverus is the name of the continent on which most of the major events occur. There are some outlying smaller lands, including a quite-large area known to be mainly inhabited by [[tiefling]]s, but as to whether there are other continents on the planet, …

  • The Cataclysm

    There is one obvious exception to this, and that is the war between the [[Eladrin]] of [[Sul’erais]] and the [[Confederacy of Goblin States]]. The war lasted over a hundred years, the two states warring over the land at the mouth of the [[Kul’Seris River …

  • Bahamite

    The [[Dwarves]] had fared better than most races during [[The Cataclysm]], being somewhat insulated in their mountain keeps. When the magical storms had settled down, they ventured forth from their mountain keeps to see what had become of the world. …

  • The Aftermath

    The Cataclysm destroyed most of the [[Eladrin]] kingdoms, and turned vast swaths of once fertile land into a barren desert, now called [[The Wastes]]. The kingdoms of old were torn apart all across the world, magic tearing holes in the earth, the ocean, …