Sir Grom of House Rrargh

A Gentleman Storyteller and Warrior


Sadly, Grom passed away trying to help his friends gain access to the Oracle at Mount Greatpeak.


Grom was an outcast among outcasts. Born during the rebuilding years, in 21 BD, Grom was born into a family of lesser nobility and quickly established that he was a prodigy, mastering the traditional Hobgoblin Qop’la (an instrument similar to the sitar, made with Eladrin sinew instead of catgut) by the age of 7, besting an academy master at fencing by the age of 14 and reciting the oral history of his people word-for-word from the grand texts at twenty.

Unfortunately, Grom’s endless curiosity and complete insatiability for knowledge led him to (after devising his own rituals to secretly de-bind the vault doors guarding them) consume the complete litany of dark rituals and foul pacts his pre-magipocalyptic ancestors had used to ally themselves with chaotic beings in their quest to defeat the Eladrin.

Grom created his own binding circle and summoned one of these devils, making his own pact. The devil, shocked and surprised (having not seen a hobgoblin bargainer im some time) agreed, having not fully read the terms. Grom had, of course, outsmarted the devil, crafting an airtight, byzantine semantic trap, gaining access to the devil’s powers while banishing him and his influence to the Abyss (not the Nine Hells, where he’d come from!) However, the physical changes granted by the demon were well-known to the elder hobgoblins of the capital, and they mmediately notified the authorities, who banished Grom for violating their most sacred law, to not consort with devils.

Cast out, with just the instrument on his back, Grom walked the wastes. Wherever he went, he did what he could to fix the world’s ills, from simple mundane silviculture to restore the trees and their soil-enriching properties to outright adventuring. Unfortunately, the dual handicaps of being a hobgoblin by birth, and then surrounded with the eerie presence and glowing eyes that marked him as an infernalist, left him a distrusted outcast. This is not the death sentence it would be for others, though, as Grom was a goblinoid of letters, who would spend much of his time alone reading anyway. Many monastic orders of various races created a “Grom Underground Railroad,” ferreting him from monastery to monastery, trading food, lodging and access to their library in exchange for his brilliant input on their own philosophical quandries. This eventually led him to Wolfson Creek, where he has been laying low, waiting for a contact that – unknown to him – will never come. The White Lotus Order’s runner was killed in the wastes by a mutant venus man-trap. Grom, now three weeks overdue for his meeting, has given up hope, and must return to adventuring to pay the bills and lead him to his next stop.

Sir Grom of House Rrargh

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