BD 2.24.74

Redeeming Lord Blackhorn

The party returns to the Shadowfell, with Lord Blackhorn in tow, sporting a new member – Imperial City officer Siltriq. They meet with The Sickle and, in a fit of pique, throw the Ebon Dagger at him, catching him off-guard and banishing both the Golden Sickle and its counterpart to dimensions unknowable. The Shadar-Kai order of Paladins, absent purpose, are convinced to return to the Prime Material Plane and enlist in the Imperial City guard by Siltriq.

The party travels to Karga camp to refuel and re-equip, as well as give Professor Goodvibes a new home, and then head out, following the Mystic Compass they acquired to the location of the next Oracle.

What they find instead is the Floating Island of Xulgos, a huge chunk of pumice and earth that slowly floats about the more buoyant parts of The Ash Sea. They land and destroy the operations of the slavers on the dock, before liberating the Wraith and crewing it with freed slaves, and setting sail for a nearby tiny island.

Drow salvagers are already en route to the island, which could hold any number of things – but one thing is certain: the party’s future lies somewhere on that mysterious rock.


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