BD 2.19.74

A Cunning Plan that Cannot Fail

After returning from the Shadowfell the party has revenge in their hearts. The Ebon Dagger has played its last trick. The party drops in on Imperial City, literally, via their whirlibird, disrupting the presentation of the Key to the City by the Malverin ruling council of Devas.

With only his honor guard to protect the leader of the Ebon Dagger, the party is able – with the help of Lieutenant Siltriq of the Malverin Guard, present evidence proving Lord Blackhorn’s malicious ways. They explain their plan and abscond from the city, Siltriq accompanying them to ensure the prisoner’s safety.

With Lord Blackhorn in tow, the party devises a plan to return to the Shadowfell, and convince the death knight that currently wields The Golden Sickle to hold both weapons, theoretically destroying him and leaving the weapons with no master to control, thus rendering them harmless.


Aedonogh npcdel

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