BD 2.18.74

A Track set by the Dagger!

The Ebon Dagger set a trap for the heroes, enticing them to enter Ebon Manor in Imperial City only to be whisked away to the Shadowfell. The party is ambushed by an group of aberrant foulspawn, but beat them back before meeting with a pair of Shadar-Kai paladins of The Sickle, who learns that the party are trying to destroy the Ebon Dagger’s influence, the same as him. He humbly requests help from the unmarked heroes in recovering the Book of Rivals from Phacunum, a dark naga who collects such relics. The party sneaks into Phacunum’s lair, and is able to finally destroy the dark naga and recover the Book of Rivals!

But!... will they get back to their own plane in time to stop Lord Blackhorn’s evil plans??


Aedonogh npcdel

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