BD 2.17.74

Returning to Imperial City

The party, now in posession of a Bahamalytic Converter for their Blackforge Inc. whirlybird, return to the shattered, primitive Eladrin village, only to discover that their “aides” were actually undead blood-drinkers who were only waiting to see if they party’s trip into the Shadow Moses Facility would weaken them enough to take them out.

The party makes short work of the tricky, invisible monsters and takes off for Imperial City, with a quick pit stop in Karga Camp to refuel and trade with Krark, who introduces the party to Cousin Roman, an incredibly diminutive kobold weapons and trinket dealer.

After arriving in Imperial City, the party heads to Ioun’s main temple, a beautiful work of art in the Noble District, and convince Chaplain Delbert to help them with contacting Ioun using a ritual in The Book of Ioun to try and make sense of Poise’s vision.

The ritual is a success, and the party learns that a triumvirate of elder gods, Melora and Kord, led by Tiamat are scheming to return to the Prime Material Plane, each for their own reasons. Melora wants to eradicate the PMP counterpart to the Feywild, Tiamat wants vengeance on those that dared to kill a dragon god, and Kord just wants to see if it’s possible to wage war on an entire plane at once!

To this end, Ioun suggests (though doesn’t promise) that seeking out several imprisoned primordials and enlisting their service to battle the gods when they return to the PMP may be the only thing to save all of creation.

Matters take on a slightly more local aspect that evening, as the party heads over to MacCready’s only to find all the crime has been centralized under Lord Blackhorn’s oppressive hoof. And this mysterious Lord Blackthorn who showed up just a few weeks ago and cleaned up the city? None other than Professor Goodvibes, the minotaur dust-head the PCs pawned the evil Content Not Found: ebondag off on last time they were in Imperial City!


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