BD 2.24.74
Redeeming Lord Blackhorn

The party returns to the Shadowfell, with Lord Blackhorn in tow, sporting a new member – Imperial City officer Siltriq. They meet with The Sickle and, in a fit of pique, throw the Ebon Dagger at him, catching him off-guard and banishing both the Golden Sickle and its counterpart to dimensions unknowable. The Shadar-Kai order of Paladins, absent purpose, are convinced to return to the Prime Material Plane and enlist in the Imperial City guard by Siltriq.

The party travels to Karga camp to refuel and re-equip, as well as give Professor Goodvibes a new home, and then head out, following the Mystic Compass they acquired to the location of the next Oracle.

What they find instead is the Floating Island of Xulgos, a huge chunk of pumice and earth that slowly floats about the more buoyant parts of The Ash Sea. They land and destroy the operations of the slavers on the dock, before liberating the Wraith and crewing it with freed slaves, and setting sail for a nearby tiny island.

Drow salvagers are already en route to the island, which could hold any number of things – but one thing is certain: the party’s future lies somewhere on that mysterious rock.

BD 2.19.74
A Cunning Plan that Cannot Fail

After returning from the Shadowfell the party has revenge in their hearts. The Ebon Dagger has played its last trick. The party drops in on Imperial City, literally, via their whirlibird, disrupting the presentation of the Key to the City by the Malverin ruling council of Devas.

With only his honor guard to protect the leader of the Ebon Dagger, the party is able – with the help of Lieutenant Siltriq of the Malverin Guard, present evidence proving Lord Blackhorn’s malicious ways. They explain their plan and abscond from the city, Siltriq accompanying them to ensure the prisoner’s safety.

With Lord Blackhorn in tow, the party devises a plan to return to the Shadowfell, and convince the death knight that currently wields The Golden Sickle to hold both weapons, theoretically destroying him and leaving the weapons with no master to control, thus rendering them harmless.

BD 2.18.74
A Track set by the Dagger!

The Ebon Dagger set a trap for the heroes, enticing them to enter Ebon Manor in Imperial City only to be whisked away to the Shadowfell. The party is ambushed by an group of aberrant foulspawn, but beat them back before meeting with a pair of Shadar-Kai paladins of The Sickle, who learns that the party are trying to destroy the Ebon Dagger’s influence, the same as him. He humbly requests help from the unmarked heroes in recovering the Book of Rivals from Phacunum, a dark naga who collects such relics. The party sneaks into Phacunum’s lair, and is able to finally destroy the dark naga and recover the Book of Rivals!

But!... will they get back to their own plane in time to stop Lord Blackhorn’s evil plans??

BD 2.17.74
Returning to Imperial City

The party, now in posession of a Bahamalytic Converter for their Blackforge Inc. whirlybird, return to the shattered, primitive Eladrin village, only to discover that their “aides” were actually undead blood-drinkers who were only waiting to see if they party’s trip into the Shadow Moses Facility would weaken them enough to take them out.

The party makes short work of the tricky, invisible monsters and takes off for Imperial City, with a quick pit stop in Karga Camp to refuel and trade with Krark, who introduces the party to Cousin Roman, an incredibly diminutive kobold weapons and trinket dealer.

After arriving in Imperial City, the party heads to Ioun’s main temple, a beautiful work of art in the Noble District, and convince Chaplain Delbert to help them with contacting Ioun using a ritual in The Book of Ioun to try and make sense of Poise’s vision.

The ritual is a success, and the party learns that a triumvirate of elder gods, Melora and Kord, led by Tiamat are scheming to return to the Prime Material Plane, each for their own reasons. Melora wants to eradicate the PMP counterpart to the Feywild, Tiamat wants vengeance on those that dared to kill a dragon god, and Kord just wants to see if it’s possible to wage war on an entire plane at once!

To this end, Ioun suggests (though doesn’t promise) that seeking out several imprisoned primordials and enlisting their service to battle the gods when they return to the PMP may be the only thing to save all of creation.

Matters take on a slightly more local aspect that evening, as the party heads over to MacCready’s only to find all the crime has been centralized under Lord Blackhorn’s oppressive hoof. And this mysterious Lord Blackthorn who showed up just a few weeks ago and cleaned up the city? None other than Professor Goodvibes, the minotaur dust-head the PCs pawned the evil Content Not Found: ebondag off on last time they were in Imperial City!


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